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Top 9 Cannabis Tech Devices of 2019

Cannabis Tech Devices of 2019

The market is flooded with new cannabis tech products. Surprisingly, this category niche hasn’t been explored a lot. With the options available in the market, these devices are becoming a fad increasingly. Some of them include metered dosing devices, cannabis flower analysis, THC breathalyzers, medical humidors, and so on. 

If you are fond of such devices, you need to take a look at the nine best cannabis devices the year 2019 has given us all. 

1. Resolve Digital Health (Cannabis Pod Vaporizer)

Resolve Digital Health is based out of Toronto and is known for raising more than $5 million. They have invested three years in developing the product to bring Resolve One™ Smart Inhaler available to the people.

The device has single-use Smartpods™ that are disposable. Caregivers and patients will be able to track the effects and dosage with the help of this device. The startup will be hopefully launching in 2019 as it has signed many distribution agreements. 

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2. Lobo Genetics (Cannabis DNA Analysis)

Lobo Genetics (Cannabis DNA Analysis)
3d illustration DNA molecules

Lobo Genetics, a Toronto-based startup, is known to be a spin-off venture that is part of a parent company – Spartan BioScience, who offers on-demand DNA testing. The Lobo hardware device is famous for providing safe cannabis experiences through the measurement of the user’s ability to metabolize the THC by doing an SNA analysis and simple mouth swab. Lobo is going to take the market with a storm, starting the years 2019. 

3. Wisp (Disposable Pod-Based Vaporizer)

Wisp is based out of Boston and is known for selling Keurig of cannabis products. The device is intuitive and simple and is known to make use of disposable Wisp™ Pods to offer consistent vaporizing results.  Wisp brought the product in the year 2016 with significant help form Dave Manly, ex-Keurig executive, with a funding of $7.5 million. CannaKorp, the parent company, then got purchased in 2018 by Target Group Inc., who plan on expanding the market reach of Wisp in 2019. 

4. tCheck (Cannabis Potency Analysis Device)

California-based product, tCheck, is known to help consumers understand the potency of cannabis edibles. It is a user-friendly hardware device that can be held in hand easily. It makes use of UV spectrometry for determining CBD and THC cannabinoid levels in oil infusions, concentrates, and butter. In 2018, the second generation of this device was launched. The best part about this device is that it can transmit test results using Bluetooth to a mobile app. 

5. Syqe Medical (Selective-Dose Cannabis Inhaler)

Syqe Medical, based out of Tel Aviv, is considered to be the frontrunner in the business of medicinal cannabis inhalers – all because of the $20 million investment made by Philip Morris. The device has 75 VaporChip cartridges that can supply 100 mg consistent dosages of cannabis with each inhalation. The device has managed to undergo three clinical trials and is soon going to enter the North American market by the end of 2019. 

6. Leaf (Smart Hydroponic Grow Box)

The Leaf is an incredible product that is based out of Colorado. It is fully automated with the feature of allowing cannabis plants to grow in a well-designed system. The project received funding of $4.5 million. The hardware is considered to be extremely sleek that can be managed using a mobile app using Bluetooth. The product comes with a lot of features, meaning it has a lot to offer. The only problem with the device is that they have missed shipping deadlines even after undergoing three years of developmental phase. It is natural to make pre-order customers anxious. The Leaf is planning to deliver the orders latest by 2019. 

7.  Puffco (Cannabis Concentrate Vaporizer)

It is a New York-based product that was introduced at CES 2018. It is considered to be the first cannabis concentrate vaporizer in the world. It has a luxurious hardware that has glass, ceramic, and metallic features. The user interface is quite simple, making the process effortless. However, there were certain design flaws in the first volume production, including issues related to the interface and batter life. As per reports, the changes have been corrected since then. 

8. Hound Labs (Cannabis THC Breathalyzer)

Hound Labs, based in San Francisco, is coming up with a system that could detect THC through breathalyzer devices. The device is supposed to make use of a disposable breathalyzer cartridge that will be able to details of THC cannabinoid level reading through breath samples. The product received an investment of $8.1 million, which will soon make Hound Labs the leader in THC breathalyzer in the market. The product will be highly beneficial for those in law enforcement and workforce. 

9. Kassi Labs Inc. (IoT Connected Cannabis Storage)

Kassi Labs Inc., based out of Tel Aviv, is one of the many Israeli Cannabis hardware startups that keeps bringing unique products to the market. The Kassi is known to come with numerous features that allow consumption tracking and cannabis storage. Its app is known to include features that will help users in tracking humidity levels, cannabis consumption, and treatment effectiveness. The product is expected to launch in 2019. 

These are some of the latest cannabis products that are about to represent a technological revolution centering cannabis. If you are really keen on purchasing a cannabis tech device, you can start with any of these products. 

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