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Here Is Why You Should Never Buy Instagram Likes From Cheap Companies


Who doesn’t want to grow to grow his social media followers? I guess everyone would love to be treated like a celebrity on social media. I remember the time when I was new on Instagram and all I wanted was an enormous number of followers. I felt like a celebrity, seeing 1k likes on my posts and that was kind of source of happiness for me as well. In that phases of try, I have been working with 10+ Instagram audience sellers and most of them were fraud and bombing my profile with the bunch of followers having no profile picture or any other presence, meanwhile I found one great seller of Instagram followers, SmmPoint, provided me with much better quality of followers and relevant to my posts who like and engage with my feed. if you are also interested in buying Instagram followers than the best option for you is Buying Instagram followers from smmpoint.  Smmpoint is the best place that can provide you with a huge number of audience at a very affordable cost. So, what are you waiting for just go and plan something for buying Instagram followers from smmpoint.

Though in a start all I wanted was more followers, likes and Instagram comments after some time I got to know that buying Instagram comments and like is not everything. Numbers of followers only can’t help you to achieve your goals. In this article, I am going to write down in detail that why you should not buy Instagram comments, like or followers and how it can be dangerous for your business reputation. Good reputation in front of the target audience is all you need.

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Instagram Likes Or Followers From Cheap And Unreliable Sources

Let’s have a look at why you should not buy Instagram comments, likes, and followers.

Inappropriate Instagram Comments

Well, let’s start with the inappropriate Instagram comments. Sometimes you get comments on Instagram posts that are from fake accounts. The language they are using in the comment section is different from your language. Hence it might confuse other people about the credibility of Instagram account. Most of the times these comments are ads from diverse groups. Like they are persuading you to buy sex toys or they might be part of any political movement. So it’s better to avoid fake comments that can harm your online business.

Spam Alert

Okay, so the most annoying thing is that when you buy Instagram comments or followers most of them are either fake or they will spam your account. If you have provided them your email account then brace yourself. You are going to get so many fake emails that will piss you off. The worst thing, that is so annoying for me is, these spam posts will not spare your followers. They will get direct messages. And some of the followers will start following them. That will hurt nothing but just the reputation of your Instagram account and business associated with it. it might result in loss of so many genuine followers.

So, people, I recommend you to be aware of these spam followers and comments. It can ruin your online business and it might not work in the way that you have planned.

Fake Followers Are Against Instagram Policy

The most important thing in any online business is credibility and trust. The people will only buy things from your Instagram account if you have built trust in them. Buying fake Instagram comments or followers can harm your credibility. How? Let me tell you. Buying Instagram comments and followers is against Instagram policy. And in case they have found you doing that, your account can be suspended. Instagram have all rights to delete the account, violating any of their policy. That is dangerous for your credibility. Instead of buying fake followers, you need to work hard. Plan regular Instagram posts and use the best hashtags. That will help you in getting

genuine and active followers. And surely genuine followers are the best thing to build your credibility.

You Will Not Earn Money

What is the point of buying fake followers if they are not going to invest in your brand or products? That’s the real question we all need to think before buying Instagram comments or followers. Same goes for Instagram bloggers and influencers as well. having fake comments or followers will harm your credibility, hence brands will not invest in you. Not at all trust me. Brands and agencies are very selective, and they do their homework properly before investing in anyone. So be careful, fake Instagram comments or followers could be dangerous for you.


That’s all from my side. Here is why you should not buy Instagram comments. Quantity doesn’t always work. Sometimes the best option is to work on quality. same is the case here, the fake or inappropriate Instagram comments can end up as a huge loss.  But in case you still are not convinced. And its beginning of your Instagram business and all you want is a huge number of followers then don’t consider anyone else other than buying Instagram followers from smmpoint. They have all the active accounts that will not harm the reputation of your business.

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