3 Ways To Declutter Your Room In Order To Build A Productive Home Workstation

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Since the pandemic has forced everyone indoors, companies around the globe have shifted to the remote work culture to ensure their employees stay healthy and infection-free. Working from home allows people to build a better work-life balance, but it is not free of challenges.

The most common challenge people face when they start working from home is a lack of motivation. Since there is a lack of social engagement, they feel isolated which makes them feel lethargic and depressed. Another reason that contributes to decreased motivation is not having a clutter-free workspace at home.

For a productive work experience, it is essential to have a workstation that is clean, organized and free of distractions. This can help you focus better and you can get the most out of your day. Also, having a workstation with everything arranged well helps in reducing feelings of depression and anxiety.

We have listed before 3 ways to guide you in decluttering your room in order to create a productive workspace:

Start with one Section

It can get overwhelming to completely declutter a room. Most people do not do away with stuff because they want to think hard on its utility. Instead of going through an intensive cleaning drive, dedicate fixed time to one section at a time.

Start with the table that you will be using as your workstation. Check everything that is on it and verify its condition. Do you need it on your desk? Is it something that you will need often? If not, clear it from the desk.

This will ensure your desk is not crowded with things that you don’t need. When you work, it will become easier to find important things quickly as there isn’t too much unnecessary stuff to navigate through.

Part Ways With Anything That You Don’t Use And Won’t Use

This is a difficult part, but must be dealt with sincerity for building a clean workstation. Whichever section you pick to clean, go through each and every piece lying there to think whether or not it is of any use.

For instance, you may find a filled notebook from the past that you no longer use; neither is it ever going to be of any use in the future. It is better to part ways with such things rather than keep storing them for years without ever using them.

If you have old electronics that you no longer use, sell them off for some quick cash. Instead of storing an old tablet that is just adding to the junk, just look for a website to trade in or sell tablet online


This is an important step in the decluttering process. Everything that you decide to keep cannot be put back together in a pile. They have to make sense and be kept with things that belong to the same category.

Club things of the same use together and place them in appropriate sections. For instance, if you have too many work files, categorize them and place the similar ones together. Same goes for electronic items, books and stationary.

When all stationary is in one place, you save a lot of time as you instinctively know where to reach out in order to find what you’re looking for. You can use some existing furniture from your home that has shelves to place files and other other important work items.


Once you have organized a space, the challenge is maintaining its cleanliness. A cluttered space is easier to clean on a daily basis. Before you start working, dedicate 5 minutes everyday in the morning to ensure everything is in the right place.

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