Ultimate Guide to Building Brand Identity

brand identity

A brand is a powerful thing. It’s what an audience member thinks of when they hear your business’s name. It can carry strong associations and create positive memories. When branding is done well, customers are able to identify and recall information about a business just by seeing a logo, an ad or a tagline.

So how do you create a strong brand for your business? One key element in building brand identity. Simply put, brand identity is defined by how familiar potential customers are with your brand.

From business cards to social media posts to websites, brand awareness can be built across a wide range of platforms. You can achieve greater brand identity by letting customers know how to recognize your business, whether that’s through a home for sale sign template or a great logo.

Customers are more likely to buy from brands they’re aware of. Follow this guide to build your brand awareness and turn prospects into clients.

Create a Visual Brand Identity

Visual Brand Identity

Consistency is key in building brand awareness. And you don’t achieve consistency by changing your logo, fonts and color palette every time you make a new flyer or social media post. Establishing clear visual brand identity guidelines will help you keep things consistent across all your promotions. Real estate agents can use social media templates for realtors or a home for sale sign template to give a stable and immediately recognizable look to all their materials.

Particularly for businesses that have multiple employees who create advertisements and other brand materials, it’s vital to protect your brand identity by setting firm rules about logo use, color palettes, fonts, and other visual elements. Consider using templates to create custom marketing materials that will allow workers to easily build designs that follow your brand standards.

Establish a Voice

For a person-to-person business like real estate agents or other sales professions, it’s crucial to communicate in a clear, genuine and personal voice. Potential customers will see right through social media posts or other marketing messages that don’t sound like you. Set a few guidelines for your brand’s voice and follow them across all your marketing platforms. Will you be more formal or more conversational? Are you talking to an audience of affluent empty-nesters or a group of thrifty twenty-somethings? Find a way to speak in your own voice and you’ll be well on your way to stronger brand awareness.

Tell a Story

tell a story for brand identity

People respond to stories and emotions. Depending on your brand, you could tell a story about a happy customer experiencing your product or a person in need who your company was able to help. Companies that are able to tell compelling, authentic stories that tie into their overall brand promise are able to create lasting impressions and associations with current and potential customers. Use social media platforms to share content about your own brand and related topics. Set up a blog for sharing stories about customer experiences and success. Build a calendar for your storytelling that will keep new content flowing to your website and social media channels on a regular basis.

Creating a consistent visual identity with tools like a home for sale sign template, establishing a voice and telling a story set a brand apart and build awareness with customers.

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