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Best Video Games To Play In 2019


Today, we’ll mention some of the most spectacular video games that are right now in every geek’s insomniac injecting gaming PCs and high-end Snapdragon chipset mobile phones. Nonetheless, hardcore gamers always find those alternate routes to play their all-time favorite electronic sports amid always having those urges of keyed up to face those stumbling blocks. From action-adventure to FPS thrillers, open environment adventures to the horror-curious games, from classic arcades to the animated gaming platforms, video games are very much similar with the game story, mechanics, and playable characters. All these games copies are available to install with a DVD, if your computer doesn’t have a DVD drive then you can install an external tool for the DVD just to install the game, find some of the best external DVD players reviewed here: https://www.bestadvisor.com/best-external-cddvd-drives, you just have to connect the external DVD drive with your computer or laptop then you can start installing the game.

Keep this in mind, the preceding year and the forthcoming years have a very diminutive difference between the two periods. Video games pretty much remain the same in the scope of the brainy concept, breakthrough storylines, and storytelling together with the game plot, etc. As this being said, the following video games are going to make the true splinter outlines between games released in this early phase.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

The RE franchise holds the key to the creation of one of the finest species, best regarded for their involvement in horror games, movies, television, arts, and various other depictions as well. Just in a nutshell, rather than an utterly mind-silencing scream – zombies. Capcom is doing all the best it could in order to revive one of the best Resident Evil franchise video games. Likewise, Hjackets make really amazing jackets and even make you think that they are those realistic remakes of leather jackets from the movies. You can really make purchase them online and would definitely work as excellent Christmas gifts for women as well.

Consequently, the Resident Evil franchise was born. Since 1996, the RE franchise has released multiple video games for it, and now even is branded with different merchandise, novelizations, toys, and figures, etc. Likewise, Japan’s no. 1 game developing and publishing Videogame Company has created multi-million selling game franchises, and the RE remains at the top 3 places ever since its inception.

Devil May Cry 5

Capcom (Capsule Computers) is Japanese and they definitely have a pure heart to create video games. However, things get a bit dark and gloomy sometimes, and malevolent schemes to create core blood-goring video games. The DMC game franchise is one of the perfect examples for it.  This action-adventure hack and slash third-person shooter revolves around the main protagonist Dante looking to avenge his mother’s death by taking on chain-loose unleashed demons. The DMC’s sixth installment will be out on 8 March 2019, and reveals a new character having its title figure benchmark as its name ‘V.’ The DMC game along with the RE 2 Remake is going to be in sharp-sighted visions of diehard horror genre video game enthusiasts.

Kingdom Hearts III

Games become an extraordinary benchmark for companies already in the entertainment sphere. Disney being famous for its classic cartoon characters and Japanese famous to create some of the best arcade games up to date. The collaboration did it all for Disney Entertainment and Square Enix. The Kingdom Hearts video game is the prime example of their prolific creations consortium. Funny cartoon characters and immersive graphics’ sometimes really do go unmatched, and this is the same case with the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

The Kingdom Hearts III is the twelfth addition to the action role-playing video game series. The game is looking at various returning features from its preceding games together with five characters returning to its growing parties. Taking the Disney allegory to summiting heights, now a new attack is getting featured in the game called as the ‘Attraction Flow” attacks that comprise Disney Park attractions alongside as well as short cartoon skids’ series of the classic Walt Disney Productions Mickey Mouse cartoons. This game has already griped diehard fans longing for open-adventure video games and feels it could transfigure a completely new concept in video game making.

Fortnite (Exclusively Mobile)

Released in 2017 and got its hype blood-pump among core gamers in 2018. Fortnite is a revolutionary gaming experience when it comes to blend in two game genres – FPS and action open-adventure. Having similar features to those CnC strategy games incorporating different maps and modes on the same running game engine platform. The game modes for Fortnite includes Fortnite: Save the World, a coordinated survival-shooter game for about 4 players max combating zombie-personified creatures. The second gaming sort to the Fortnite series slot in the Battle Royale, a free-for-all gaming mode where up to 100 players fight till the very end until the last person stands as the victor – feels of Hunger Games.

PUBG (Exclusively Mobile)

Keeping Fortnite at bay (at least in its popular perimeters), the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the best online multiplayer game exclusively made for your smartphones. The year 2019 might be endorsing some of the most advanced-level graphic games with soul-chilling stories of characters, nations and even the whole of existence under its make-believe banner. Nonetheless, PUBG will stand tall amongst as one of the most played online game.

The game was created by the Blue Hole subsidiary Ginno Games until it was renamed to PUBG Corporation due to the popularity gained by PUBG in 2017. PUBG took footnotes of the Battle Royale archetype for games and created into a completely on-the-other-level standalone video game. The game starts all with the emblematic impressions of the Hunger Games movies. About one hundred players are guided down via parachute on an island, soon running to rummage around for weapons and mystery boxes lying on grounds throughout the map. The best part of PUBG is that it eventually gets a reduction in its terrain, forcing players to a much tighter perimeter. Thus, forcing gamers to peep on surprising encounters with each other, and have a true signature exhilaration that only PUBG can offer. The game has become so much intriguing that diehard fans wish it could become an expert very soon.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

A little break from all those FPS blood-goring game rages and action-thriller sequences of graphics game animations, here’s a game for those adults stuck in their teens, and teens stuck in their childhood. A sweet guardian spirit’s adventure to solve mysterious puzzles and other objectives in a mystifying place, the Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a spectacular game, melding adventure and arcade themes together. Likewise, it adds in a game theme inspired from one of those Stellaris guide gameplay and spectacular missions.

The game is an upcoming platform-adventure video game developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft for Windows OS and Xbox One. This game is a sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest and adds inquisitiveness to its profound story plot of a white spirit trying to unveil what has remained hidden after all this time. This game is one of that mid-crisis engrossed for gamers who want a break from all those gunfire game genres making minds numb for the time being. This game will be featuring a new system called “soul links”, which grant players the ability to get an extra life alongside an upgrade system that harnesses players’ ability to strengthen Ori’s overall skills. A great game that would definitely on the top charts of those groundbreaking arcade games category.

Fallout 76

Bethesda Game Studios has done it yet again with going forward for the Fallout Series. The Fallout 76 is the ninth game edition to one of the most exciting online multiplayer action role-playing video game franchise. The game focuses on the real-time theme, and the developers have tried their brain-drain capacities to create a Fallout game that encounters deep-rooted realistic levels of gameplay. For this very reason, an up to date real-time system is introduced to the game that endorses’ same elements pulled out from previous games of the series.

Todd Howard, the director and executive producer for the Bethesda Game Studios’ stated to separately launch private servers that will allow players to invite friends to play Fallout. Due to the fact for preventing objectionable aspects of player vs. player gameplay, as this had already been a nuisance for player’s game experience. The Fallout 76 is a true real-life experience for any dystopian world to encounter, and this is why it has become one of the most successful role-playing games of all time. The game is released in November for Windows OS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Far Cry 5

Ubisoft is one of the biggest names when it comes to video games meant for PC. Yet again, a masterpiece action-adventure FPS game series – Far Cry has an upgrade to its mind-bending series with the fifth installment a few months back. The game is a standalone successor to its prequel series of the game and introduces new environments incorporated with new roles to characters, objectives, and the game controls. The Far Cry 5 takes place in Hope Country, a fictional region of Montana that integrates fictional milieus as well. Players are assigned the role of a sheriff being trapped in the city perimeters and have to make him trespass from the rowdy land ruler Joseph Seed. One of the best parts of the FC5 gameplay is that it keeps players delved in-between combat and exploration; fighting enemy soldiers, and dangerous wildlife as well during treading on unknown forest terrains. The players are offered with a wide selection of weapons to choose from.

Battlefield V

Without a doubt, EA Sports (Electronic Arts) is a big name when it comes to the first-person shooter video games and eSports games. EA has been dominant with many games like the FIFA franchise, The Sims, Need for Speed, NHL, Medal of Honor, as well as the Command and Conquer RTS series. Likewise, the Battlefield V game is the real deal FPS game gem created by Electronic Arts and follows its previous gameplay series. The game is developed by the EA’s subsidiary EA DICE, and published by the main company EA, and has been released for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

The Battlefield V features extensive third-party entails and mechanics, shortage of resources, and the deletion of constructs within the game to increase a level of realism to it. Very soon, this sixteenth installment to the Battlefield series will let players make new characters and weapons with cosmetic/ configure effects, and currency to purchase other items as well. Besides, in-game objectives will be getting multifaceted with facing plentiful players’ intrusion and other environment obstacles as well.

Pokémon GO (Exclusively Mobile)

The year 2016 wasn’t just about the quest for those Easter eggs quest we watched on the Ready Player One movie, but it was all about those off-guard creatures resting on grounds. These cute little virtual creatures getting the touch of AR (Augmented Reality) keep that obsolete ‘physical activity’ running along. At first, the year of this mobile game launch witnessed about 140 of these miniature species known as Pokémon, but at the end of the year 2018, about 400 species have been added to the walk-the-talk addicted on-the-go video game.

There is some good news for all the Pokémon aficionados looking to check out this long lost mobile game in the contest with games like the PUBG FPS craze, and that open ground action-adventure Fortnite smartphone games. The game GO is going advance level and is reprising its aspired game version inspired from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series – Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Niantic is developing the game under license of the Warner Bros. subsidiary Portkey.

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