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The New Version of Adobe Reader – Best PDF Software for Windows 10

The New Version of Adobe Reader - Best PDF Software for Windows 10

Adobe Reader has been one of the most popular and recommended tools in the last two decades when it comes to viewing PDFs, simply because it worked well and was easy and quick to install.

In the last few years, a new PDF tool has been released by Adobe in order to keep their services adapted to the constantly evolving necessities of their users. Because of this, they have created Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is a completely improved and full of features on paid versions newer Adobe Reader. This software comes with many upgraded options, but at the same, it’s completely free to download and use to fit the most common PDF tasks without paying a dime. So if you are looking for adobe reader for windows 10 you could install the standard Adobe Reader or the greatly improved Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This last one takes a bit more of storage space we must say.

We can find many new features on the new Adobe Reader DC, however, we are required to buy some of the upgraded versions and pay for it monthly so unlock all of these features that we can find them on the section “Tools” on the top of our Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  • Adding comments to an existing PDF
  • Edit the PDF.
  • Export the PDF to other formats such as Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Create a new PDF from a different format.
  • Share files for giving others the possibility of viewing or reviewing them and track their responses.
  • Add stamps to a PDF file such as “approved” or “draft.”
  • Take measures such as the distance, the area or the perimeter of objects in the PDF.
  • Sign and certify documents digitally to validate their authenticity
  • Organize pages using the insert, rotate or extract tools.
  • Delete specific data or hidden text as well as graphics.
  • Protect to prevent other people from copying and editing the information in your PDFs.
  • Prepare Form allows us to convert formats such as scanned forms to PDF format
  • Optimization of a PDF file, allowing us to reduce the size of the file using compression techniques, enable the fast web view and quickly modify the font options as well as control images
  • Enhance Scans, to turn scans or photos into PDFs with selectable text.
  • Print Production: Preview and prepare PDF files for high-end production.
  • PDF Standards: allowing us to make of our PDF file a file complying with the ISO standards
  • Create a custom tool, to modify and create our new collection of tools so we can use them for ourselves or share them with other people.
  • Compare files, to quickly find and clearly see the differences between two different PDF files.
  • Action wizard, for helping us automatize some of our daily PDF-related tasks
  • Accessibility: To make our PDFs to they meet the necessities of people with disabilities
  • Rich Media: Easily insert audio, video and interactive elements in our PDFs
  • Index: To help, keep our PDF files organized using different categories to store them.
  • Send for review: Send a petition to people to check and give you a response about your PDF file.
  • JavaScript: To extend the functionality of our PDF as well as connect to JavaScript databases

As we can see, the number of improvements of the new Adobe Reader DC is certainly amazing compared to his older version. Specially the fact that we can use so many features makes it specially worth it if you are using it for professional purposes, it makes it easily the best PDF software available at the moment, and probably for many years to come.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the adobe reader for windows 10 you are looking for, once you try it you won’t want to switch back to any other similar software. There are a few other similar options available but most of these options don’t give us access to half of the features that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is giving us with the paid versions.

We highly recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for all your PDF-related tasks!

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