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Best G Suite CRM Comparison


G Suite has numerous benefits over Google’s free user applications. This includes, in particular, a corporate email address with your company name, twice as much space in the cloud for Gmail and Drive, 24/7 support for outgoing calls and email, as well as almost 100 percent guaranteed corporate email support, extended Microsoft Outlook compatibility security features, such as 2-step authentication and SSO, as well as administrative control over user accounts.

All these bonuses are felt better when you try using them regularly. NetHunt CRM system makes the implementation of all these feature and functions even faster and more convenient. Among all the CRMs ever created to integrate within Google applications family NetHunt stands out because of its particularly modern views and attentiveness to details, which, from times to times play the most important role.

G Suite perfectly works as the CRM system and choosing this one, you will likely never want to replace it with some other. When comparing G Suite applications package with ordinary Google applications for everyday use the impressive difference is felt. And after testing the package the customers will never want to purchase individual G Suite apps. After registering in G Suite, the customer gets access to a set of integrated and interconnected applications. For example, you can instantly create an event in the Calendar from the letter you received from Gmail. If you leave a comment in Docs, Sheets or Presentations, your colleagues automatically receive email notification of it. You can start a Hangout with just one click from your inbox or Calendar. By using all these tools, you will significantly increase your productivity and return on your investment. However, you can use only those services that you choose.

After Google applications along with CRM systems have been tested and gained wide popularity among the most successful entrepreneurs of the 21-st century it turned out that many small and medium-sized companies striving to achieve the same heights are ready to abandon the existing office tools and completely switch to G Suite business package. This package supports a variety of file formats, including text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. With these, office workers can work in real time as a collective and save their results online to Google Drive. Furthermore, G Suite applications run on different devices and, unlike ordinary applications for computers, do not require installation. They are also compatible with files created in other applications, including Microsoft Office.

Using the transfer tools, entrepreneurs can import emails from other services, such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft. On contrary to other CRM systems and software distributors, Google provides for its customers a formidable amount of cloud storage memory. Each user gets 30 GB of cloud storage for Gmail and Google Drive. In addition, the company can get an unlimited amount of memory for an additional fee. In case if a company has fewer than 5 users, then each of them receives 1 TB of cloud storage memory. Don’t waste time and improve your business already now with G Suite package and easy-integrable NetHunt CRM.

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