Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Money on Your Mind and Your Phone: 4 Financial Apps to Help You Budget Your Life Together


Fewer Americans are budgeting than ever before. 

And yet, budgeting has never been easier. Before you needed to keep yourself organized on a scruffy notebook.

Nowadays, you can budget from your smartphone. Here are the best financial apps which can keep your money matters and life together.

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1. All-in-One Money Manager: Mint

If you have heard of one financial app, it’s probably Mint. This app has many loyal and happy customers.

You can pretty much do everything to manage your personal finances in a single app. Track your spending and budget for the week.

The interface is also crisp and clear. You can also customize the app to suit your personal finance needs.

There are also a bunch of finance tips to inform your savings tactics and banking habits. 

The app doesn’t cost anything to use either. You can manage your finances better for less. 

2. Pay Your Bills on Time: Prism

Around one-third of Americans say that they have missed a bill before. If you struggle to keep track of your bills, Prism can help you.

There are so many things to remember. You have your telephone bills, your electricity and, of course, your Netflix subscription.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills you may need to get payday loans without bank account.

However, if you have Prism downloaded on your smartphone, you can be confident that you remember to pay your bills on time each month.

3. Divide Your Bills Effectively: Splitwise 

If you live with someone else, you regularly have to split the bill. Who paid for the last meal? Who’s turn is it to pay the electric bills?

This can cause quite a lot of confusion. Even doing the math alone can be stressful when you want to stay on top of your money.

That’s why you should download Splitwise to make your life much easier. Splitwise is free to use. Without problems, you can divide up your expenses at a click of the button.

4. For the Two of You: Twine 

Research says that couples who save together, stay together. 

So, if you’re living together, you may want to put some money aside for a rainy day. Maybe you want to save money for a vacation or for buying your own house.

Twine is free to download which can help you achieve your savings goals as a team. You just link it with your bank accounts to set “we” goals.

If you make cash savings, it’s free. But, if you develop an investment portfolio with Twine, you may pay 0.6 percent of the daily balance. 

Best Financial Apps

Do you feel like you’re not in control of your personal finances? It isn’t always easy to find the time to save money.

But, with our list of the best financial apps, you can start to budget together effectively. Everything’s organized in your smartphone.

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