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Best Apps to Manage Your Home Budget


Is the end of the month approaching and you are short of money again? Maybe you need to manage your budget better. Today’s virtual world knows the solution to almost every problem. In the case of saving money is no different. You can just download the appropriate app which will track your expenses regularly and will help you limit your outgoings. In this article, you will learn the best applications for managing your personal budget.

1. Wallet (for Android and iOS)

Wallet is a neat, free app that will help you control your daily expenses. It has multiple surpassing features available, and it supports numerous different currencies. The app will sync automatically with your bank account providing you with the essential information about your current money balance. If you want to have a great tool which manages your expenses and incomes at the same time, you should definitely install Wallet on your smartphone. You can also enter the data manually to the Wallet system.

What is more, the app features a high-level visualisation system for your financial predictions performed on the basis of your expenses. Thanks to this solution, you can precisely plan your ongoing costs. The basic version of the application is free, but if you want to admire some premium features like more detailed reports, widgets, and banc syncing, you have to spend $14,99 on the premium subscription.

2. Pocket Guard (Android, iOS)

This app perfectly combines personal budget managing with tracking your bank account. Pocket Guard is jam-packed with extraordinary features, which will help you plan your daily outgoings. The app displays how much money has left on your bank accounts, and it runs an advanced analysis to show you how much you can spend, and what you can afford. Pocket Guard connects with your best credit cards and bank accounts with a very secure, encrypted connection. Thus, you can always check your money balance without being afraid of security issues. If you want to sort all of your expenses, Pocket Guard will serve you ideally. It will divide your outgoings into separate categories so you can clearly see all your purchases, bills, subscriptions. Therefore, the app will show you how much money you can spend safely without running out of the budget.

3. Dollarbird (Android, iOS)

Dollarbird illustrates all your losses in a clear, calendar-centric way. It’s a great tool for friends, companies and families because it features collaboration mode in which users can together log and manage their outgoings. You can enter the data, and the AI will categorise it and display with easy-to-read infographics. Calendar-style and the timeline option make this app a handy and practical tool if you want to cut unnecessary outgoings out of your daily life. However, the team option runs only if you purchase a premium version of this application.

4. Spendee (Android, iOS)

If you are looking for a straightforward app that will help you to control your personal budget, Spendee seems like a perfect option. It highlights your outgoings using different, vivid colours and a simple and clear interface. Spendee is available both in free and a premium version.

You can add your expenses along with photos of purchased products. What is more, the app enables you to categorise all costs to make everything look very clear. Spendee features an overview mode, which displays all your accounts along with infographics and the timeline. Also, the app can help you with managing your budget better if you choose a budget creation tool. Within a premium version, users can find automatic bank sync option, automatic logs of their outgoings, cross-device syncing and option to share your budget statistics with other users.


Today’s technologies and applications offer endless features for managing your personal budget. All you have to do is to search for the tool that will suit you the most and install it on your smartphone. We hope that the list mentioned above of the best apps for handling your personal budget will meet your expectations and help you with your outgoings.

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