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Students Guide: Best Apps And Websites For Studying


Only a few years separate the moment when a person enrolls in a college until he finally graduates. Most people say those college years are the best in everyone’s life, and it’s essential to make the most of them. However, do they ever say about the possible obstacles anyone can face being a student? Constant lack of time, many lessons and assignments, and lots of information to absorb. Now, what’s left for enjoying this time? Not much, in fact. Thus, when it comes to studying, one can never have too much help, and modern technology can come in handy!

With a wide range of devices and smart tools available today, studying becomes much more comfortable. Add to this a vast number of educational apps and websites, and you get all you need to study painlessly. In this article, we are going to share the best sites and apps that can come to your rescue, leaving some time to live through this important experience of being a student!

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What Are The Best Websites For Students?


What is the hardest part of writing an academic paper? We bet that most students would say it’s referencing the sources. Indeed, referencing can be a pain, but with EasyBib, it gets much simpler! This website generates accurate citations on different sources in a few moments. Thus, it is a must-have website in every student’s toolkit.


Studying often takes all of the time and energy. However, sometimes, students may need to take a break and get some pro help. That’s when a reliable essay service will come in handy! Whenever you can’t handle the task on time, there is a possibility to call for the help of expert college essay writers and get an A with ease!


If you have issues with concentrating on the task and can’t stay away from distractions, this site will help! It is created to block social media and other distracting websites for a chosen time. With KeepMeOut, you will not get distracted until the work is done, so it is another handy tool to use.


Apart from different academic issues, one thing that most students struggle with the most is budgeting. Most first-year students simply don’t know how to manage their funds wisely. In this case, StudentRate will be a useful tool. This website helps find the best deals and discounts on a vast range of goods, including technology, textbooks, and much more!

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What Are The Best Apps For Students?

Although there are plenty of sites that can make student’ lives easier, with the growing popularity of portable devices, it is smart to have a few apps in your toolbox as well.


Notes are everything when you are in college! Notes help students pick up the main points from the classes and lections they attend. Besides, they are essential when one is getting ready for a test. Still, there is one major drawback of classic notes – they tend to get lost. This can be quite overwhelming, but Evernote solves the problem. This free application keeps all records stored in one place and well organized. Finally, it allows synchronizing a single account across multiple devices, which grants you simple access to the notes from anywhere!

Quizlet Go

All students find preparation to finals quite challenging. It usually takes lots of time and reading. However, with Quizlet Go, acing your exams is easy as never! This tool is a modern alternative to paper flashcards. There is a vast database of study sets on different topics – use any of them or create your own. The application can be used for free.

My Study Life

The organization is the key to successful studying. Unfortunately, many students have hard times with organizing and managing their time wisely, but this app will change this! My Study Life is an application that makes organizing lessons, exams, and tasks easy. Some of the main pros of this tool are that it is available for free and can run offline!


Todoist is another application for the smart organization of people’s lives. However, it takes it way further compared to the previous tool. With Todoist, you can keep every sphere of your life organized. This tool makes it easy to plan your daily schedules, shopping, assignments, classes, or anything else!

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Final Words

Hopefully, the applications and websites given in this article will come in handy to all students out there! We know that studying is a time-consuming and complicated process. However, with a bit of help, it can become less stressful and much more effective. Thus, use the right tools, and you will succeed!

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