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How We Are Benefiting from Automation in Everyday Life

Automation in Everyday Life

We’ve all heard wonderful stories about robots helping surgeons perform tests, assisting engineers in constructing bridges and aiding developers in manufacturing vehicles. Some bots even talk, prepare pizza, play basketball and go on dates. But how does automation help the average person?

Withdrawing Money at ATM Machines

Automated Teller Machines have been helping people withdraw money conveniently since 1969. And considering how popular they are, ATMs are excellent examples of how automation has changed the lives of billions of people.

A plastic card with a magnetic chip and a security PIN code are all you need to cash out money from an ATM. And depending on which bank you use, you can withdraw up to €10,000 per day.

Feeding and Milking Cows

Automated Milking Machines – Picture Credit, Dairyglobal.net

Scientists have developed bots that can help take care of your cows. They feed them, milk, and clean the stalls so that your only job is to deliver milk to processing companies. Some bots even monitor the health of your cows, reducing your involvement tremendously.

Of course, large-scale farmers benefit the most from automated systems. But as the bots become cheaper to produce, small and medium-sized farmers will also be able to rear multiple animals with little human involvement.

Personalizing your Online Interests

AI has the power to change nearly everything we do, according to scientists. But one of its most impactful benefits is its ability to customize the Internet for everyone. Whether you browse the World Wide Web for your daily dose of social media or for shopping purposes, chances are that you’ve relied on AI to have a better experience.

AI is also a crucial element in the development of online games. From puzzles to MOBA, single players to slot machines and similar casino games like Keno, developers are continuously using AI to make online games more immersive. With that, all the problems that plague most games, including glitches could become a thing of the past.   

Driverless Cars

We are not yet there. You can’t legally buy an autonomous car and use it to go to work in many countries. However, multiple car manufacturers have driverless vehicles waiting to be shipped to any state that embraces the technology.


Some taxi companies, including Uber and London-based Oxbotica, offer transportation through autonomous vehicles. But due to regulations, these cars often feature an emergency driver in the passenger seat.

Mobile Home Automation

Home automation technology has advanced so much that you can control nearly all aspects of your home on a smartphone. For example, did you forget to lock your house? All you need is to make an order through an app, and the door will be locked.

Do you want to put the lights on before you get to your house? Make the command. You can do the same for operating your TV, accessing your hope laptop, or refrigerator. And surprisingly, some of these features don’t cost much to integrate. Automating home lights, for example, costs less than $800.

Drones to Deliver Food and Drug Supplies

Several startups in the US no longer rely on humans to deliver pizza and other stuff ordered online. They use drones to make deliveries. In Africa, using drones to supply medical drugs is so prevalent that it’s credited for improving the continent’s health sector

Unfortunately, using drones for making deliveries is hampered by changes in weather conditions. There’s also the issue of privacy and security, which could lead to unlawful people using the devices to cause harm. 

Collecting Recyclable Products

Waste collectors don’t need to load their trucks manually anymore. An automated robot arm mounted on top of trucks can help load waste products automatically and more efficiently. This could, in turn, save time and reduce the workforce for waste collection companies.

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