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Best Apps for Chocolate Lovers to Install


Chocolate seems to be the solution to almost any problem. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this delicious dessert has fans practically all over the world. Even in ancient times, chocolate was considered a sacred drink that people took during various types of rituals. Today, chocolate has even got its own smartphone apps. Below, we present a list of the most exciting applications for real chocolate lovers.

Chocolate Travel

Chocolate Travel is an application that will serve you as your own, personal chocolate guide during your every trip. The app provides you with information on current events and chocolate festivals. It also displays the most interesting places and chocolate stores. Chocolate Travel will allow you to satisfy your cocoa desire by showing chocolate shops and chocolate factories in your neighborhood. This valuable guide will sweeten all the journeys you make!


Do you love to bake a variety of chocolate desserts? If so, iChocolate will let you free your imagination and create amazingly delicious cookies, pies, and candies. However, this application is something more than just a list of cooking recipes. Learn how to create unrivaled home-made chocolate. Bake exquisite desserts and let yourself be guided in the difficult art of recognizing the various chocolate flavors, aromas, and textures. For a tiny price, you can access the condensed knowledge about chocolate and chocolate desserts. Discover the best baking techniques, learn the history of chocolate and become a true chocolate freak!


It’s not difficult to become chocolate addicted, right? If you recognize yourself as a chocolate lover, be sure to try out this application. Chocoholic allows you to scan different chocolate bars, instantly displaying its current ratings and reviews written by the growing community of users. Discover the best and the tastiest chocolates in the world, explore the opinions of other users and write your own reviews and ratings. Thanks to Chocoholic, you can become a respected and recognizable chocolate reviewer. The application allows you to track other users and share your feelings associated with various types of chocolates.

What is more, the chocoholic app enables you to scan chocolate and instantly see current discussions and ratings about it. You can also add your favorite chocolates to your personal collection. If you want to share a perfect idea for a present that somebody can give you, you can make your own wish list for desired chocolates. Within the APP, you will also find interesting articles concerning various chocolate topics.

World Chocolate Guide

If you can’t imagine traveling without eating chocolate, this application will undoubtedly satisfy your expectations. The World Chocolate Guide was created to provide its users with access to a vast chocolate shop database. The app displays chocolate stores available in your area and around the world. Thanks to it, you can read the description of each of the stores, view the photo gallery and find out how its customers rated the store. Certainty, the World Chocolate Guide is a reliable solution for chocolate lovers on the move.

The Chocolate App

This application is a kind of online store developed especially for a company with a rich chocolate tradition. Philadelphia Candies has been producing delicious chocolate since 1919 and offers a large selection of chocolate treats. The app allows you to search for chocolate boxes, gift sets, chocolate bars for every occasion. If you decide which sweetness you would like to buy, you can add it to the basket and pay with PayPal. The application is dedicated to chocolate lovers from all around the world so that you can order your favourite box of chocolates anytime and anywhere!


Chocolate has numerous advantages. It’s not only a delicious dessert but also it has a positive impact on our well-being and health. Of course, you should always eat it with moderation!

If you eat your favourite, best dark chocolate once a day, you can improve your mood very quickly and successfully. Also, a small amount of high-quality chocolate allows you to control over excessive appetite, so, it appears that you can lose weight by eating a small amount of chocolate. The abovementioned list of applications is indeed worth your attention if you are a chocolate freak. Will you test any of them?

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