7 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Agency To Do Your Marketing In Healthcare


The Healthcare domain can be tricky to establish your business in. The biggest threat being the trust factor amongst the users of your product or service. People often like to stick to a particular healthcare provider and prefer word of mouth recommendations when making a switch. 

This has led to word-of-mouth being the sole channel of marketing for businesses for decades. Business representatives from pharmaceutical companies and secondary healthcare services collaborate with doctors and other medical practitioners to put in a good word about their product or service to their patients in exchange for a commission. While this works for most businesses, it is a slow process.

To quickly gain consumers and their trust, businesses are increasingly moving towards digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, when most other forms of marketing have failed, the digital platforms are soaring higher than ever. Instagram marketing strategy has become the focal point of all marketing strategies. 

If you are a healthcare brand looking for 360-degree marketing solutions for your business, we will convince you to completely rely on a healthcare marketing agency to do so. Read the seven reasons why –


As mentioned before, healthcare is a tricky domain to be in. Businesses run on trust. Medical practitioners understand the importance of trust. If a patient or their caregiver has had a bad experience, they will not only complain but also propagate their experience to their family and friends. 

While the above is true for any business, when customers have a bad experience, they make it a point to share it with their near ones. However, the opposite is also very likely when it comes to healthcare businesses. People usually communicate about their good experiences too. 

Hiring a marketing agency would ensure that good experiences are highlighted in the most dynamic ways, and the bad experiences are quickly resolved. 


As patients like to be treated by expert doctors, the same implies to marketing. With the experience of handling multiple accounts at any moment, agencies usually have experts in various marketing domains such as digital, social media, print, and so on.

Furthermore, marketing to patients or other stakeholders in the healthcare domain cannot be treated in the same way as in other sectors. Healthcare agencies, having worked in the domain, understand everything from the language that should be used to the designs that will best portray the message.

Patient Referrals

As mentioned above, word-of-mouth applies to every industry in the world, but it is more prevalent in the healthcare sector with doctors, dentists, optometrists, and other healthcare professionals. Patient referrals are extremely important to the healthcare industry. 

Patients rarely question a good referral, they trust the advice given to them by their trusted medical professionals. Therefore, a major marketing challenge is not only to improve the outreach to prospective new patients, but also to other medical professionals.

Building strong relationships with referring practitioners is of utmost importance for healthcare businesses. Thus, hiring an agency that understands the value of patient referrals is paramount.

Any digital marketing agency or individual can focus on digital promotions, however, the essence is to focus on the experience rather than your product and service to generate organic referrals. This is only possible with the help of a healthcare agency.

Effective Communication

Every business domain has its language, its dos & don’ts. The same applies to the medical field. The marketing material used for software organizations cannot be modified and used for a healthcare organization.

Therefore hiring just any marketing agency does not solve the purpose. An agency with prior experience in the domain will have connections with physicians and other practitioners, which will benefit your business. 

Compliance With Healthcare Norms

The medical industry is heavily regulated by laws and regulations. It has several different laws and compliance that practitioners must abide by. An agency that has never dealt with the plethora of laws of the field will most certainly default as a business, and you do not want that to happen to you.

On the contrary, a healthcare marketing agency has advanced knowledge and understanding of national and international laws. They also understand that violating or defaulting the laws will have serious consequences within the industry. You cannot afford to risk your hard-earned reputation due to the inexperience of a digital marketing agency in the healthcare industry. 

Therefore, hiring a marketing agency that has worked in the healthcare field before to avoid the risk of violating any laws is preferred by most healthcare organizations.


Although the medical industry might seem like an oozing mine to an outsider, people working within the domain know that it is far from true. Similar to any other industry, healthcare businesses such as clinics, hospitals, etc. function on strict budgets. 

This necessitates the rational utilization of funds allocated to marketing by digital marketing companies. Owing to their experience and established contacts, healthcare agencies can work within any budget, drafting strategies based on tiniest budgets for your business.

Adapting Quickly To New Techniques

Every business, irrespective of the domain it operates in, is evolving rapidly. The same implies to healthcare businesses. This vitalizes the need to adapt rapidly to the changes. 

For instance, with rapid technological advancements, operative techniques are becoming minimally invasive. If your practitioners hold expertise in such techniques, it provides an edge to your business compared to your competitors. The same fundamental applies to marketing.

An agency that holds expertise in digitally marketing healthcare organizations will give an edge to your business as it is at par with the evolution. However, opting for a marketer who does not have any prior experience can push your organization back with respect to your competitors.


Having gone through the article, it is evident that hiring an expert in healthcare marketing should be an obvious choice for businesses. Whether the agency has directly worked or handled healthcare clients previously, ensures a huge edge compared to agencies that have not dealt in the domain previously.

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