Thursday, August 18, 2022

6 Reasons You Should be Excited about Xbox Series X

xbox series x

With gaming on the rise due to COVID-19, nothing could be more exciting than the Xbox Series X hitting stores this holiday season. Everyone is looking for ways to have fun at home, so this couldn’t come at a better time. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, stated back in April that the pandemic wouldn’t affect the console’s launch (let’s all take a moment to sigh in relief).

With all systems go, it’s time to get pumped. There are a ton of reasons to be thrilled about Xbox Series X. With that in mind, let’s take some time to look at the ways gameplay will be amped up to the next level.

Reasons to Get Excited About Xbox Series X

1.    Speed and Design

The Xbox Series X is going to be their most powerful model yet – Actually, it will have quadrupled the power of the Xbox One, as well as a custom processor. The SOC chip boasts 12 teraflops of processing power; that’s eight times the Xbox One. I know, teraflops aren’t everything, but it’s a good way to tell just how powerful the console will be. This means less wait time, more functionality, and all-around better gaming experience.

2.    Quick Resume

With the new Quick Resume feature, players will be able to easily go from one game to another and start right where they left off. In fact, this can be done within a matter of seconds and minimal load time. 

Oh, and did I mention you can have multiple games suspended? If you want a clear picture of just how awesome this will be, check out the tech demo for yourself and prepare to be amazed. In this video, our player toggles between and plays at least five games in a matter of two minutes.

3.    External Storage

Although the console will ship with 1TB of SSD storage built-in, players will also be able to use Seagate’s external expansion card. This card will also have 1TB of storage, mimicking the internal power of SSD. The new technology in the built-in storage and expansion card will help lessen load time and quicken game performance. Plus, players will be able to use the Seagate card on a friend’s console if they wish.

4.    Redesigned Controller

The new Xbox Series X controller will be designed with an upgraded D-pad for more responsive gameplay and textured grips to ensure a comfier fit for all kinds of players. It will also feature a share button, which has been a popular add-on for other consoles like the PS4.

 Though the controller will be pretty similar to the previous model, these added changes will make a positive impact on the gaming experience. Recently, it’s also been rumored that there could be a white controller (and possibly a white console) under wraps as well.

5.    The Games

xbox series x

You didn’t think I forgot that, did you? The confirmed and rumored X Box Series X games look incredible. As soon as the Xbox Series X is released, the games will be released with it through Xbox Games Pass. This will include 5 reveals and 9 Xbox exclusives. Even original Xbox games will be improved when played on this console. That means the games will be faster, more responsive and they will possess a higher visual quality. They will also have improved framerates, realistic light and shadow, and Smart Delivery.

6.    Velocity Architecture

Velo-what? At first glance, this phrase might sound like tech gibberish, but it will mean a lot to players (even if they don’t realize it). Velocity architecture is a combination of hardware and software that will enhance how the console loads games. Essentially, it gives Xbox the opportunity to create bigger, more complex worlds within each game. And, again, it proves Xbox’s dedication to getting rid of unnecessary load times; velocity architecture is a large part of that process.


There’s no doubt that Xbox is reaching higher ground with this groundbreaking console. By advertising the Xbox Series X as “the world’s most powerful console,” the system’s makers have a lot to live up to and seem to be doing everything they can to earn that title. 

Most importantly, Xbox is earning it by designing a new system that puts the wants and needs of the player at top priority. The Xbox Series X will be a game player’s dream, and each game will provide a vibrant, state of the art playground for its audience. We’ve been through a lot this year…can the holidays come already?

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