What Is 90-Ball Bingo and How Do You Play It?

What Is 90-Ball Bingo and How Do You Play It?
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90-ball Bingo is an ever-increasing popular online casino game, and as the name suggests, involves the calling and marking off of the numbers one through to 90. Sometimes known as ‘House’, this variant of Bingo differs from the 75-ball Bingo game. So, if you want to try a different and exciting version of Bingo, let us guide you through the thrilling 90-ball game. 

First of all, you will find various Bingo rooms at an online casino that offer the option to play the 90-ball game, and with ticket prices that range from a penny to a pound. Usually, the 90-ball Bingo game uses what is called a ‘strip’, which consists of six different tickets that are used for each round of gameplay. The numbers are spread over all the tickets, with each number only being called once per game. 

Each individual ticket will display 27 squares – three rows of nine squares. Five of the rows will have designated numbers, and the remaining four rows will be blank, with a total of 15 numbers displayed at random on each ticket. An entire strip of tickets will show all 90 numbers, and there will be 18 active rows with the potential to win. When playing this Bingo game online, you can also find the option to buy six strips – each including six tickets – meaning there’s 108 rows to keep an eye on! No need to worry about keeping up, as the advantage of an online game means you can let the computer do all the marking off for you. 

When you’re playing bingo for real money, there are only three ways to win prizes in a 90-ball Bingo game: 

  1. One line – when you are the first player to mark off all five numbers on a single line, on row one, two or three on the ticket.
  2. Two lines – when you are the first player to mark off all ten numbers on two out of three of the lines on the ticket, once called. 
  3. House – when you are the first player to mark off all 15 numbers on a ticket after they’ve been called and claim the Full House. This will win you the game’s main prize. 

This differs from 75-ball Bingo, where you must mark off the numbers on the Bingo ticket in a particular pattern. 90-ball Bingo has only these three winning patterns, but a player can win more than one of these ways in a single game, and the multiple prizes that go with it. It’s not uncommon for someone who wins two lines to then go on to win the Full House. If more than one player claims to have the same winning pattern, once the number has been called, the prize is then shared equally amongst them. 

For an online 90-ball Bingo game, the numbers called are selected by the random number generator software, and are then displayed on your device’s screen one after the other. As mentioned before, you can allow the computer to dab the numbers off for you – which is beneficial when you’re playing with multiple strips – or if you prefer to get more involved you can mark of the numbers with a click of your mouse or press of your finger. 

Now you know the basics, you’ll be ready and raring to go and play this 90-ball version of Bingo!

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