9 Things to Put on Your Bucket List

9 Things to Put on Your Bucket List

You may have seen such lists on social media and wondered what a Bucket List is. Or you already know and simply want to get some inspiration. For those who are acquainted with the term, skip right to the list. For those who aren’t – here’s a short explanation. 

The term Bucket List means a number of things that “everyone must do before death”. They’re kind of unusual actions or achievements that everyone should try doing at least once. Right, the wording “before death” may seem too negative for some, but it doesn’t necessarily mean death itself. 

It’s more of a point until which you should definitely try doing these things. So it can be any time limit you want. And as for things themselves, essay writing services like https://essaywritingservice.com/coursework-writing-service, will help you free up enough time for those. It’s definitely worth it if you spend that time doing something that would leave a positive mark on you for the rest of your life. Even if it’s as simple as cooking your own meals or going to the gym.

So, for those ones who are ready to experiment, want some adventures, or simply seek advice, here are some things for you to put on the Bucket List.


Learn a New Language

Learning is always good, but what’s the best way to combine useful and enjoyable? Learn a language, of course. Speaking different languages brings countless new opportunities. From enhancing basic learning skills to being able to speak the native language of a country you’re traveling through.

It doesn’t even have to be a common one. Try getting into coding and learning a programming language. Who knows, maybe it will become not only your passion but a source of income. Just find the one that suits you the best, that fits your inner self. And don’t forget to constantly explore new opportunities.

Create a Painting

Everyone keeps talking that people need to express themselves through art. And well, that’s actually true. The easiest, most affordable, and accessible way to represent one’s thoughts is to draw something. No need to have drawing skills, just take a pencil or a brush and express what’s in your head. Also, don’t be shy, you’re not obliged to show it to everyone. Just find joy in the process itself.

Finish a Classic Book

Books aren’t that popular nowadays, and it’s a sad thing. Books contain whole imaginary worlds written in simple (or sometimes not) text. They are the best sources of inspiration and a useful way to spend your free time. Reading through a detective story can improve deductive thinking. Or maybe a classic sci-fi book will help you to discover an inner passion for tech? Anyway, here are some books you should try out: 

  • The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien
  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • Fahrenheit 481 by Ray Bradbury
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Adventures and Travelling

Ride a Horse

It’s a very simple thing. But most people have never done it. Riding a horse. Just look up where you can do it, sometimes it’s possible to ride one even in a park. Just don’t be afraid and follow the instructions. Nobody can imagine how special the feeling of riding a horse is. And now think of how it used to be the only way to get anywhere for thousands of years.

Visit 7 Oceans

Tired of undo-able challenges like “visit all 250 countries” and such? Well, visiting all 7 oceans is much easier to do. Especially if you’re American, as traveling from one coast to another already gives you 2 points. And then, you only need to visit 5 countries and the goal is reached. Trust me, it does sound impressive when someone says that they’ve seen all the oceans.

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Another Country

We all love these professionally drone-filmed landscapes and time-lapses. But there is a way to experience it yourself. All you have to do is go for a hot air balloon ride. Most of them are held near marvelous sightseeing routes, so you’ll feel just like a bird in the sky. Though, a much slower-paced bird that has time to look into every detail of the landscape.

Physical Activity and Health

Take Archery Classes

For some unknown reasons, people think that shooting an arrow with a bow is simple. Well, the principle is simple, but doing it with accuracy and power is pretty hard to master. That’s why it’s so exciting to take archery classes. Set yourself a tough goal, like hit a 30cm target from 100 meters for example, and start practicing until you can achieve it. 

Cook Meals Yourself for a Month

Something so basic but so unachievable for many people. We all love eating junk food, there’s no need to hide that. There’s nothing wrong with that too, but how about trying to cook your own meals? It’s more healthy and will teach you life-long skills. Just set a particular rule, whether it’s allowed to order food or visit a restaurant on a certain occasion. And make sure to follow these rules, because there’s no point in the whole challenge if you’re cheating.

Do 20 push-ups Regularly

Keeping fit doesn’t always mean getting a gym membership. Some things can be done regularly without having one. And doing 20 push-ups is the most basic goal you could think of. If you can do 20 of them in a row – great, now try doing it regularly and increasing the number. If not – then it’s the perfect reason to start working out. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction when you can finally do a desired number of reps during a workout.

Final Words

See, there aren’t any impossible things on our list. Yet, they still need some effort to achieve and the reward is worth it too. Because the best prize for accomplishing anything is the skill and knowledge you receive on the way. And if you’re still desperate for adventures, maybe it’s time for something more extreme like paragliding? Just remember to stay safe!

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