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7 Instagram Marketing Strategies

instagram marketing

Nowadays Instagram has become a great platform for brands and advertisements as well as for consumers. No other social media strategy is complete without Instagram Marketing Strategy. It consists of 800 million active users, and more than 500 profiles are activated daily. Most interesting thing is that 70% of hashtags are branded. If you are looking to make money then you have to know the real strategy of Instagram.

Here are 7 strategies for Instagram Marketing:

Increase your following:

The first and vital step of Instagram strategy is to increase your followers because it is not possible to generate sale without followers. If you have less followers you have to struggle more for your sale or seen on Instagram. About 73% of social media users follow brands, because they are interested and like their products.

Tell your existing customers to follow the page or send messages to email for subscribe the page. The best way is to give some small gifts to customer for subscribe and tell them they can see further discounts on products like Keto Buzz UK in future if they will follow the page.

Be loyal to your promise. You can also use other social media cannels to promote Instagram page.

The best thing to get more followers is that don’t follow random users. Search followers that can fulfill your target don’t steal the followers.

It is although time consuming but it’ll works. The Instagram user will get notification. If you’ll become successful in this step then it would be very easy to drive Instagram Strategy.

Post content on regular basis:

It is not considered as active strategy if you post any picture or video after weeks or month. It’ll not consider an active account. Post on regular basis.

One thing you must have to keep in mind is don’t post a lot of pictures and videos at a same time. It looks annoying and disturbs the users and your post will not get attention.

If you have a lot of content to post then the best solution is to post on Instagram Story rather than post on timeline. Posts must be on average of 10 to 12 per week. You have to manage the timing of posting because 90% of employees used Instagram when they are on work.

Go Live:

Instagram provides a feature of live video streaming. Users love it and watch live videos. It can get great attention of customers. It gives people to comment and watch you live. Make sure to read comments as much as u can and respond to those comments. You can also give a tour to your followers.

Encourage UGC:

It is basically user-generated content. It will encourage the users to post the pictures and videos of your brand. In this way your brand can exposed. This strategy can also act as recommendations. The best way to encourage UGC is feature user photo on profile picture. In this way other people will be encouraged and submit their pictures to get a chance next time.

Run Targeted Ads:

This strategy will help you to reach those people who are not following your account. Tag the location or running contests. You can use the parameters like age, gender, and location to set audience. You’ll have to pay, if you want Instagram ads. It is also a great step for marketing.

Take Advantage Of Swipe up Feature:

Swipe up feature has solved many problems. People do not like many links to reach the website. You can easily use story to drive traffic. You have to just promote your product like keto ignite on your story, and the user can see them and may add them to shopping cart.

Respond To Comments And Messages:

You must have to response the comments on your post. People will appreciate it. Although it is time taking process but it shows value of customer service. It is also a best strategy, basically when people are asking questions about your brand. Try to respond their messages and comments as soon as possible.

Connect Your Followers To Facebook Page:

You can easily sync your Instagram followers with Facebook page because there are about 300,000 monthly bots on messenger. These two platforms can help you a lot in working together. It might give you double profit and a best strategy of Instagram marketing.

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