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A Bad Logo Is a No Go – 7 Essential Logo Design Tips for Your Website

A Bad Logo Is a No Go - 7 Essential Logo Design Tips for Your Website
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Some of the best design tips seem to explain the things you shouldn’t do. However, you could fill a warehouse with such tips.

The real wealth of information lies in tips on what you should do. Here are seven logo design tips for your website.

1. Listen to Odd Suggestions

The logo designing process needs to ensure the decision-makers are open-minded. Odd suggestions will sometimes lead to great ideas. Just do not confuse being abstract with being odd. A good example of an odd suggestion is that of an elephant’s head for the app Evernote.

2. Design Tips and Logo Branding

Working on branding logo designs is not as difficult as it seems. Branding is about educating your consumer, which has little to do with your logo. When it comes to branding, all you have to do is make sure your logo and branding are compatible. For example, small text is fine if your logo will be plastered on a lorry, but not so great if your logo has to fit on a pair of socks.

3. Do Not Fall Too Far From Your Branding

Look at successful logos. Some of them may seem as if they have nothing to do with their product, but very few of them deviate too far away from their own brand. In other words, it is okay to use a logo that has nothing to do with your brand, but it cannot stand in conflict with your brand. For example, Harley Davidson is a macho brand that probably wouldn’t have done so well if its logo was that of a cartoon baby’s head.

4. The Tools You Use Are Important

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The fact is that the tools you use will make your design job easier or more difficult. For example, there is nothing wrong with Windows Paint, but it is far easier to make a logo with something such as Adobe Spark’s logo creator. The wrong design tool can the design process more difficult.

5. Abstract Doesn’t Mean Unique

People want unique logos, and it is almost human instinct to opt for something very unusual and abstract when looking for something unique because most people associate abstract nuttiness with being unique. Do not make this mistake.

6. Think of How Your Logo Will Evolve

Leave room open for evolution. Your logo will be changed over the years to fit trends and to fit the different applications the logo may have. Just make sure your logo has a design that can be tweaked in the future.

7. You Don’t Have to Keep It Simple

People talk about the Nike logo and Apple logo being simple as if its simplicity is what made each company a success. Just because some successful companies have a simple logo doesn’t mean you have to. The simplicity or complexity of your logo has no effect on the quality of your business or its success.

Summing Up – Some Logos Will Grow on You

There is a sort of rejection bias that starts to creep over you after a while. You can take all the design tips and advice that you like, and you can take designs from the best creators in the world, but after a while, you will start to reject logos almost automatically. That is why it is sometimes a good idea to let a few logos sit for a while.

Look at them on a Friday, and then come back to them on a Monday. This smattering of time will enable you to reset your rejection bias a little. Even if you still hate the logos you are presented with, try to take good things from them and create a new one based on the things you like.

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