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6 Apps Meant For Cannabis Lovers


Anybody who enjoys smoking pot either for recreational purposes or medicinal uses (how about both?) also knows that more often than not, the best way to smoke hash or marijuana is with your pot-friendly friends or with your spouse if they are into it. With the legalisation of marijuana in a couple of states, the production and the sale of weed has risen and in a much more organised and judicious manner. Areas that use weed as much as in the legalised states and still need to be careful about where they are scoring their stuff from the face a lot of difficulties in not just procuring it but also available the best quality weed.

Smoking up these days is not just limited to teenage boys, women equally enjoy their weed, and with the widespread use, the cannabis industry has seen a humongous rise in the various weed products that are being produced owing to its legalisation and getting their well-deserved revenue for the same.

Not just the cannabis industry but the tech industry has also seen a revolution in terms of procuring weed through online purchases. There are multiple weed-friendly applications available on the internet. Get ready with your munchies and your smartphones, here’s a list of a few great cannabis friendly apps available on the internet to make your smoking up experience much more enjoyable and hassle-free.


Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Leafly is something that stoners who are glued to their smartphones swear by. This app is basically a go-to guide if you want to know anything about a particular strain of marijuana that you are about to purchase. From the closest dispensary near your area to the legalisation updates in various states, it has got it all. It also has information about marijuana being prescribed by doctors and how a specific strain of marijuana will affect you and what kind of a high will it produce.


Not all stoners enjoy getting high all alone, and even if they do, some of them are also keen on sharing their experiences with fellow pot smokers. However, with the legalisation of marijuana not being wide enough, it is difficult to pick and choose the people you would like to talk to about marijuana. Despite the rise in the popularity of its usage, marijuana continues to be a taboo topic. With a social media network designed specifically for pot smokers, a lot of these problems might get solved. Filled with weed related content, you can socialise through MassRoots, a social media network designed specifically for pot smokers and scroll through various other substances that might interest you.


Many pot smokers use cannabis for medicinal purposes. For somebody looking for accurate information regarding the medicinal properties and medical benefits of the usage of marijuana, PotBot is available on both iOS and Android platforms. An app which uses what is known as peer-reviewed and properly researched that recommends strains available nearby your locality has proven beneficial to many pot smoker who rely on marijuana to relieve them of their ailments. Not just the availability, but detailed method on how to smoke or consume a particular strain of marijuana is also available on PotBot app.

Weed Cookbook

We are all familiar with the immense popularity of pot brownies not just amongst teenagers in parties but also amongst many adults who prefer weed in an edible form and do not smoke marijuana. Multiple other recipes can make your marijuana in edible form experience a lot better. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Weed Cookbook is an app that will help you move beyond just pot brownies and be an expert in various other recipes that can be pot-infused. Even though it is a paid app, this one is for keeps if you have knack both for smoking up and cooking!

Stone Road Rewards

We get points and rewards for playing games and finishing various surveys that can be further used to make in-app purchases or otherwise. It is definitely a smart move to design an app which functions similarly but curated especially for stoners. This is a California based company, and it launched a new rewards app for its products. Every time you buy a product from an outlet that belongs to this company, you can earn reward points based on your purchases.


Designed for people who want to grow cannabis and would like to create a 3D environment where one can simulate growing cannabis given all the requirements one would usually need while growing marijuana in real life.

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