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5G Mobile Network – How Will it Affect Our Smartphones?

5G Mobile Network
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There was a time when the sole purpose of cell phones was to enable you to make calls and send a text. People would be excited to send or receive pictures through a multimedia message. There were fewer games on cell phones, back then. Those were the good old days when cell phones were a new hype in the market, though not as advanced as they are at present. Ever since then, the mobile industry has been pushing its boundaries and bringing new functionalities into play. 

And here we are today, holding this refined smartphone in our hands as one of the essential accessories that we carry around all the time, everywhere. It would be no exaggeration to say that it is more of a necessity, nowadays. We hardly see anyone without a smartphone. So many brands, versions, price tags, features, and specs have become available in the market that everyone is likely to find a smartphone that fits their need and budget. The higher the price tag, the better the performance, the wider the features, the faster the processors, the bigger the screens, the more incredible the cameras of your smartphone so on and so forth. In fact, it is not merely a phone now, but it has become more of a style statement and a status symbol more or less. That explains the role and significance of smartphones in our lives these days. 

Still, the advanced features and acing mobile technology seems to stun us and bring more to the table, especially when it comes to the telecommunication networks. After all, the more advanced the telecommunication networks, the more seamless the phone usage. This is where the 5G technology kicks in, taking the world by storm. In the process of superseding the primitive networks, if not completely then massively, but undoubtedly, 5G networks are taking telecommunication networks and smartphone usage to a whole new level.

How is 5G Technology Better?

5G Technology
Image Source – Unsplash.com

5G technology is being adopted by multiple operators, including mobile vendors and manufacturers, for making the future 5G mobile networks a reality. One thing is for sure, 5G networks are going to be super-fast. This is something we all look up to. Faster speeds lead to better efficiency and reliability. We can expect speeds as high as 20 Gbps with 5G technology. This, in turn, would mean minimal or no latency issues. Consequently, the amount and proficiency of data transmission would increase tremendously. 

Samsung is among the manufacturers that are selling 5G phones already and big names in the internet industry are pushing themselves into building 5G networks and their required infrastructure. We live in a world where fast-speed internet at affordable rates is no longer a myth as evident by the Cox internet prices, for instance. So, it is now time to step up the game even further by taking speed to another level. Getting super-fast download and upload speeds is well within our reach now, which is why 5G technology has been making waves worldwide and has caught the attention of all big internet service providers and telecommunication industry giants. 

Will the Smartphone industry Continue to Sell 4G Devices?

Though 5G networks are growing with each passing second and this technology has made a huge impact in the telecommunication industry, there is no denying the fact that 4G networks will continue to be available regardless, even when 5G makes its hyped entry. 5G technology is indeed a game-changer, but it is too early to say that it will offer coverage everywhere. People in rural areas might not get any 5G towers due to the scarce population. Not every area is likely to receive 5G coverage. Thus, smartphone companies might continue to sell their 4G smartphones along with the latest 5G devices. 


Another important aspect involved is cost. 5G networks and plans will come at a much higher cost as compared to the 4G or 3G ones. Therefore, it might not be feasible for all. People might still want to stick to their 3G or 4G plans because of greater affordability. Besides, not everyone is looking for rocket fast speeds since they have moderate online routines and usage. 

Redefining the Smartphone Industry

5G technology has immense potential to redefine the smartphone industry. The prospects are immense with this lightning-fast connectivity that is much more powerful than the older 4G generation. 

Wrapping Up

5G technology is indeed redefining the smartphone industry by opening new horizons and making exceptionally fast speeds with almost no latency a reality. The 4G networks would not disappear suddenly and are likely to stay because of wider coverage and lower cost.

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