Tuesday, August 9, 2022

5 Link Building Strategies You Can Use in 2019

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Link building is an essential part of helping how your site ranks on search engines. By earning high-quality links to your pages from other sites, you can help get your site to rank higher. Link building can be a time-consuming process that you can work on your own or go through a link building service for help, but the impact it can have on traffic to your site is easily worth it.

You can find a lot of different ways to get other’s to link to your pages, but here are five good strategies to help.

Link building relationships

Like with every part of our lives, being able to maintain good relationships with people is crucial to be successful. Being active in communities around your niche can help you gain business contacts going into the future. Making yourself known in your industry and being someone people want to work with makes it easy to get people to link to you.

Find broken links

No one wants to have broken links on their website. When you do find broken links related to something in your industry, you can try to take its place. By finding broken links on other websites in your field, you can create relevant content to replace it and have it linked to you instead. While it’s up to the admin of the site if they want to work with you, they would hopefully be glad to take something to replace the broken link.

Guest blogging

Writing guest posts on someone else’s allows you to include your links. This is beneficial for both parties because you get more backlinks and the owner of the blog gets more content. Guest blogging helps not only with link building but also gets you extra exposure and helps make you an authority on the subject.

Unlinked mentions

You might be getting a lot of praise for your business online, and not getting much in return from it. Other websites mentioning you without linking to you could be causing you to lose out on backlinks. Keeping track of mentions that aren’t linked to you is an easy way to build more links, all you have to do is reach out.

Create link worthy content

The most obvious way to get more links to create content that people actually want to link to. You could follow every step that people recommend to get links, but it could still not work out if you have poor quality content. Making sure that your content is entertaining and informative will make it easier to convince other people why they should be linking to you.  

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