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3 Ways Treadmill Mats Can Transform Your Gym

Transform Your Gym

Treadmills remain one of the best health and tech inventions of the recent time period. Over the years, they have been upgraded and updated to do anything that fits your training requirements including long distance, running uphill, interval running and more.

Whether you are purchasing one for home use or going to the gym to use one, treadmills can help you reach your fitness goals faster and with a good dose of accountability.


One of the most important accessories that goes hand in hand with the treadmill is the treadmill mat. The mat will help the treadmill stay put while you are running and it will prevent the machine from slipping.

A premium quality treadmill mat is a must-have accessory for any gym with several treadmills. The benefits of a treadmill mat far outweigh the small initial cost of purchase. Treadmill mats are also multi-functional as they can be used as a protective accessory for other exercise equipment. There are several types of treadmill mats depending on the size of your treadmill and budget. If you are struggling to find the perfect one for your gym, check the Soundproof Panda list. No matter what your taste or budget is, the treadmill mat must be a little longer and wider than the base of your treadmill.

 Protect the Floor and Building from Damages

Treadmills are heavy machines that can cause serious damage to the flooring over time. When a treadmill is installed in a corner, the base sinks deep into the flooring (hard floor, tiles, rugs, carpet) and the constant vibration will leave visible indentation marks on the floor. By installing a treadmill mat, you significantly reduce the risk of leaving marks, cracks, and holes in the floor. The treadmill mat is placed underneath the machine to also help prevent the grime liquid that the machine produces and treadmill lubricant from staining the floor. The treadmill mat can save you thousands of dollars in floor repair costs.

Serve As a Shock and Sound Absorber System

 If you run an apartment gym or have secured a space in a storey building (middle floor especially), you should be concerned about the noise and vibration commonly associated with treadmills. When running or walking on the treadmill, the treadmill produces a thumping, disturbing noise that pushes against the floor. The noise is akin to people running down the stairs. Treadmill mats serve as a shock absorber pad to help reduce the noise and vibration from the treadmill during usage.

Treadmills Mats Help Prevent Damage to the Treadmill

The treadmill mat also protects the treadmill itself from damage. The constant vibration against the floor after months or years of usage will start to damage internal component parts. This may happen because of the reverberation effect of the vibration from the treadmill to the floor and back to the treadmill itself. Treadmill mats help reduce the repair costs of damaged component parts and improve the useful life of the treadmill machine.

Treadmill mats can be a lifesaver for your gym setup. The difference between a low quality and premium quality treadmill is vast, and you do not want to take that risk in a place where you can be held liable for damages or injuries. Invest in a good treadmill mat from Soundproof panda and breathe freely without having to worry about what may or may not happen at your gym.

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