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3 ways to promote and monetize your blog


Many people decide to display their expertise and share their knowledge with the world by blogging. Most of the times, blogging is not about monetization at all. It’s simply a medium where people can share their passion and exchange experience. However, if you are truly passionate about a certain area, people will like to read your blog and share your content, all of this can result in a profitable business model.

Sometimes, you can have all the traffic, engagement and attention but you might get stuck on how to convert all of these into profit. To create new blog is one part of the process, to monetize your online presence is a completely different area where you need to have a different set of skills.

If you have the right idea, you can achieve amazing results with your online presence. We compiled a list of three ways you can get the most out of your online experience. Here is how you can turn your passion into a full-time job.

1. Turn your content into a product or service

Selling your own unique products or services is the best way to get profit. If you have your fans, traffic, and social media presence, then you need to consider how you can turn your written or video content into merchandise or coaching classes.  For instance, you can create unique clothes, hats, and accessories, sell stickers or create online courses.

There are a lot of online platforms that will take care of shipping, clothes and optimizing the supply chain process. All you need to do is create a catchy design and add the store on your blog.

The simplification of the process created many opportunities for social media influencers and online gurus around the world.

With just a few clicks and contracts you can have your online store ready. No fuss, no frills!

2. Google AdSense

In the past, many people used to start a blog with a sole purpose to make money with ads. Nowadays, adding your blog/website to Google AdSense needs to be part of your monetization strategy, not your only source of money.

You can earn money from Google AdSense in two ways:

  1. Based on impressions: This model is related to page views. For example, if you have 1,000-page views you can earn a set dollar amount.
  2. Based on clicks: This model is related to ad clicks. Regardless of how many views you have in your blog, you will get paid only if your visitors are clicking on the ads.

Before you decide on the type of model, you will use, extract your data from Google Analytics and make a short analysis of what works the best online. You should never click on your own ads, as you can get penalized for this activity by Google. There are people, famous bloggers that earn from $3.000 to $10.000 per month from Google Ads.

3. Sponsored Content

If you have a huge volume of traffic on your blog, and your community values your personal content, you can earn money by paid sponsorships.

Many bloggers know how to convert their influence in a smart way. When many people are paying attention to the things you write and say, you have the platform to promote sponsored content. Influencer marketing is on the rise, and many businesses use influential online people to promote their content, as it’s very effective and it gives back leads. How can you take advantage of this monetization model?

First, by communicating with the B2B or B2C owners over a LinkedIn. Doing prospecting over LinkedIn, it’s always a good idea as you will make valuable connections and get contracts just by sending one direct message to the right person.

Or you can use paid social media ads to reach more people, and improve awareness about your influence among the specific niche.

The best way to monetize your online presence is to combine all of the three mentioned actions above into your strategy. By adding all the elements, you are significantly improving your chance to find new opportunities and earn more money.

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