Sunday, August 7, 2022

How to Take Care of your 2020 Corvette

2020 corvette

Keep your 2020 Corvette running smoothly and growling proudly for years to come. There’s nothing worse than rust or engine trouble with a sports car, so protect your investment and learn to protect your car from the elements. Shop for car covers, routine maintenance and learn how to care for your car cover. Don’t let your 2020 Corvette show signs of age, but keep it lovingly maintained with these products and maintenance steps.

Use an Indoor Car Cover in Your Garage

Sports cars deserve to be parked indoors. Don’t let your Corvette sit out in the rain or in direct sunlight, but find a cozy garage bay for your ride. For extra protection, pick up an indoor car cover. A high-quality cover is lightweight and custom-fit for your year of Corvette. A cover prevents dust, moisture and flying debris from scratching or spotting your paint job.

Pick up an Outdoor Cover

In emergency situations, there comes a time when your sports car must brave the elements. Thankfully, a custom outdoor car cover can shield your Corvette from rain, falling leaves, tree sap, and other contaminants. Pick up a cover that’s UV blocking so you don’t fade that beautiful paint job.

An outdoor cover isn’t a perfect solution, but it will prevent any scratches, UV damage, and light rainfall. Look for ways to keep your sports car stored indoors, particularly for long-term storage. Thankfully, this weather-resistance, breathable covers can handle the most common dangers to your paint job.

Wash and Wax Your 2020 Corvette

2020 corvette

Routine washing and waxing protect automotive paint from wear. Washing removes dirt and contaminants that may scratch, stain or fade your paint. Waxing provides a reliable coating that is scratch, smudge and fade resistant.

In between washes, pick up a premium car duster. These handy tools don’t require water or soap and wipe off any dust or light debris that may otherwise damage your paint or diminish from the flawless look of your ride.

Get a Tune-Up and Oil Change

If you don’t drive your Corvette daily, it can be difficult to remember routine maintenance steps. Your sports care requires the same routine maintenance as your daily commuter, so be sure to keep up on changing your oil and other maintenance tasks. Stop by a reliable mechanic to ask about a tune-up or other preventative maintenance.

Check Out Your Brake Pads, Battery and Other Maintenance

Even a Corvette needs a new set of brakes once and awhile. Don’t let grinding, inefficient brakes hold your ride back, but keep up on other maintenance tasks that aren’t as common. Inspect your brakes, battery, muffler, and tires for signs of wear and pull into your trusted auto shop for a full-service repair.

Keep your Corvette Safe

2020 corvette

Don’t wait until your sports car gets scratched and dinged before you protect it from the elements and the outdoors. Paint touch-ups and bodywork can be costly repairs, so invest in affordable Chevy Corvette car covers today to stay safe wherever you drive. Keep it covered in your garage and take an outdoor cover with you when you park at work for the ultimate in complete car protection.

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