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16 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Japan — Touristic Asia


Dreaming about going to Japan? This country is not just about temples and megacities. Discover 16 most beautiful places in Japan and explore its mystery!

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16 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Japan

Japan is not just about temples and megacities. Located in East Asia and separated from the mainland by the seas of Japan and China, Japan is both super modern and exotic. Mixing Western and Japanese lifestyle, urban excitement and inner calm, ultra-modernity and tradition, rigor, and openness, Japan can confuse experienced.

We know how culturally diverse Japan is and think that it’s not much of a nature destination. And yet, if you think outside the box, the country can give you quite a surprise. 

1. Osaka

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The third largest city in Japan and a major metropolis of Kansai, Osaka, is a vibrant and endearing city. 

Culture lovers will be able to admire the beautiful Osaka Castle or visit Shinto Shumiyoshi Taisha Shrine.

To feel the special atmosphere of the city and enjoy local cuisine, you can go for a walk in the neighborhoods of Shinsekai, Namba, and Dontonbori. Also, be sure to visit the market of Kuromon Ichiba.

2. Nara

Located within a one-hour drive of Osaka and Kyoto, Nara is a place where culture and nature intertwine most organically.

Come here to behold the Great Bronze Buddha of the huge Todai-Ji Temple. Don’t be surprised to meet deers roaming freely nearby. They live in the park and will greet you without any hesitation.

3. Kyoto

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It is impossible to visit Japan without going to Kyoto. A former imperial capital and cultural metropolis par excellence, it is full of ancient temples and beautiful parks. From the Golden Pavilion to the Fushimi-Inari Shrine or Nijo Castle, you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to take a stroll in the Arashiyama bamboo forest or region neighborhood. If you dread crowds, Kyoto has the advantage of being surrounded by beautiful hills, from which many hiking trails start. During the fall, the red leaves of the maple trees give Kyoto and its surroundings a special flair.

4. Nagoya

Nagoya, another metropolis on Honshu Island, is distinctly different from Osaka or Tokyo.

Its giant green Buddha, Oasis 21 (space shuttle-shaped monument), or its metallic TV Tower, will surprise more than one traveler! You can also visit the beautiful Hommaru Palace, beautiful gardens, ancient temples, or simply stroll through the city’s neighborhoods.

5. Ine-Cho

Visiting Japan is not just about staying in cities. Ine-Cho is an example of destinations where you can relax without being surrounded by crowds of tourists.

Located just one hundred kilometers from Kyoto, this little fishing village is a haven of peace. While here, you can admire the funayas, the houses which skirt the port of Ine-Cho.

6. Nakasendo and the villages of Magome and Tsumago

Experience traditional Japan by staying in the center of Honshu Island and the heart of the Japanese Alps.

Travel back in time by walking down the Nakasendo, a road from the Edo period that linked the old Tokyo and Kyoto. Hike from the village of Nagiso to Magome and admire Tsumago, the pearl of the mountains. 

7. Kanazawa

Looking for a less touristic version of Kyoto? Finding it is easier than getting free college essays! Kanazawa does not lack historical attractions, such as the Ninja-Dera Temple.

The city also has the advantage of being located at the seaside.

8. Shirakawago

There are not only temples in Japan. Just head deep into the countryside to admire the traditional houses of Shirakawago, Gassho-zukuri.

Strolling between these houses with steep roofs sometimes gives one the feeling of living in a Gallic village.

9. Matsumoto

Osaka’s Matsumoto castle is one of the most beautiful ancient buildings in Japan. Nicknamed the “Crow” because of its black color, it definitely lives up to its name.

If you choose to stay longer, you can enjoy the beautiful rice paddies in the vicinity of Matsumoto.

10. Mount Fuji

To visit Japan and not go to Mount Fuji would mean utter disrespect for the Japanese. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this sacred volcano. You can admire it from Kawaguchiko and take a bike ride around the lake of the same name.

Hakone is a bit farther away from Fuji but offers a broader choice of activities. Whatever the starting point, the bravest can attempt to scale Mount Fuji!

11. Tokyo

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What would Japan be without Tokyo? A symbol of ultra-modernity and excessiveness, a temple of video games, and new technologies, Tokyo is a mecca for all lovers of singular experiences.

Discover the hustle and bustle of Shibuya or Akihabara, stroll through one of the city’s multiple parks, or take a walk through its adorable residential and traditional neighborhoods.

12. Nikko

If you want to mix culture and nature, Nikko is just the place for you! Located one hundred and fifty kilometers north of Tokyo, this millennial cedar forest is an absolute must for all visitors. Keep in mind that the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

To relax after a good day’s walk, there is nothing like bathing in the on-sen of the small spa town of Yumoto. These hot springs will certainly make you feel better!

13. Hiroshima

You may be wondering why we put Hiroshima on our list of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan. Well, its beauty lies in its resilience.

After being nuked during the Second World War, Hiroshima managed to get back on its feet and is now a place definitely worth seeing. We cannot remain insensitive to the beauty of the message behind the Memorial and the Park of Peace. And when cherry trees are in full bloom, it’s even more beautiful.

14. Hokkaido

Do you think it’s impossible to find wild nature untouched by human civilization in Japan? Well, no! Located in the north of the country, the island of Hokkaido will certainly surprise you. Besides the hot springs, active volcanoes, and wild forests, lovers of authentic nature will discover a Japan they never knew existed.

15. The Okinawa Archipelago

White sand beaches in Japan? No, you’re not dreaming. Located within a two-hour flight from Tokyo, the Okinawa Archipelago is a totally different world.

This unique getaway will leave you with lasting memories.

16. The Ogasawara Archipelago

Come spend a few days in the Japanese Galapagos where you can swim in turquoise water, go hiking in a tropical forest or swim with colorful fish. Unforgettable memories guaranteed.

Let’s discover a Japan you will never forget!

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